Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) Business

Our professional team are ready for your photovoltaic projects. We provide a full range of services such as overall planning and design, system installation, equipment sales, maintenance management and professional consulting.


  •  20 years of fixed income
  •  Increase factory image (Green Energy Factory)
  •  Delay the aging of the roof
  •  Use idle space to increase the roof shelter area and reduce the temperature inside  the plant by 3-5 deg.C
  •  Reduce electricity consumption in summer
  •  Respond to the government's green energy policy, save energy and reduce carbon emissions

Application Flow

Design and Planning

Professional design and analysis can effectively avoid shading; and meanwhile, the power generation efficiency can be significantly improved via the optimization of module placement and system configuration.

Module Type

                     SF-CIGS thin film               Mono PERC crystalline 5BB               Multi crystalline 5BB 
                                   1257mm*977mm*35mm              1632mm*995mm*40mm               1650mm*992mm*40mm
                                                (185W)                                         (300W)                                          (275W)                   

Construction Quality

The lifetime of a solar power system is required to be more than twenty years. Good qualities of hardware and construction systems are critical to achieving long term utilization of the power system. We thus emphasize much on the construction quality, which is controlled by our technically certified team.

Operations and Maintenance

We use the in-line monitor system to ensure the stability of the PV system in real time.

We examine the functionality of the PV system through the suitable equipment to ensure the optimum conditions for the PV system. 

On the other hand, the system washing/cleaning service can be also instantly implemented by monitoring the power generation of PV systems.