Energy Solution Provider

BeyondPV has been dedicated to the research and development of CIGS thin-film solar cell technology. With a world-leading team of PV specialists, we provide our customers with a  total solution turnkey to build a CIGS manufacturing plant, including equipment purchase, process tuning, mass production plan, material management, FAC design,  FAB design, etc. For further improving the production efficiency/yield, we also provide CIM system services (including automation and MES integration) to facilitate high-efficiency and low-cost production, thus strengthening the market competitiveness.

Service Items

> Equipment purchase related
a. Request for comments (RFC)
b. Vendor survey
c. Pre-acceptance test (PAT)
d. Move-in plan
e.  Final acceptance test (FAT)

> Process tuning
a. BSL process recipe set up
b. CIT on power/yield improvement
c. Manufacturing troubleshooting

> Mass production plan
a. Capacity plan
b. Running cost estimation

> Material management related
a. Vendor survey for raw material purchase
b. Request for comments (RFC)

> FAC design
a. Factory FAC system plan (water, chemical, HPM, etc.)
b. Hook-up systems (power, DIW/PCW, CDA, exhaust, etc.)

> CIM system design
a. Automated design
b. Factory layout design
c. Tool marking
d. Big data collection plan 
e. MES system design