1.Energy Solution Provider

Beyondpv has been dedicated to the research and development of CIGS thin-film solar cell technology. With a world-leading team of PV specialists, we provide our customers with a total solution turkey to build a CIGS manufacturing plant, including equipment purchase, process tuning, mass production plan, material management, FAC design, FAB design, etc. For further improving the production efficiency/yield, we also provide CIM system services (including automation and MES integration) to facilitate high-efficiency and low-cost production, thus strengthening the market competitiveness...view more

2.Customized PV Modules

We currently offer OEM/ODM services to provide our customers with highly customized PV products...view more

3.Standard Modules

BeyondPV entered into business with Solar Frontier, Japan, for sales of CIS modules. Learn more about our CIGS technological advantages or see our datasheet as below attachments for specific technical data. In addition to the sales of the standard CIGS modules, we also provide the customized service for high-profit  application products, such as flexible modules, consumer and automotive products...view more

4.EPC Business

Our professional team are ready for your photovoltaic projects. We provide a full range of services such as overall planning and design, system installation, equipment sales, maintenance management and professional consulting...view more

5.Energy Storage System

In the future, we will combine solar panels and energy storage systems to enable our customers to use solar power more efficiently and reduce electricity costs...under construction